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Monday, August 8, 2011

ABC: Will and Kate Wear Matching Sweaters

I had to smile when I read this headline and my initial thought was that they did not only had the intent showing the world that it was a match made in heaven, but in fashion as well.

It wouldn't surprise me in the least little bit if this instilled the desire in many people to become followers of fashion and imitate the royal couple, by finding matching apparel and showing it off.

That is all good and well if you fall in the category of what is considered to be a common size, but those looking for plus size fashion may not even bother trying to find something stylish and fashionable; they have been disappointed too many times in the past.

My advice would be not to give up; even though they may not have been very successful previously, there is a wide selection in plus size fashion right at their fingertips. A couple of minutes go a long way on the Internet and will yield the desired results.

It may be something Will and Kate may want to keep in mind as well. Living the good life might put some weight on them and it would be a pity if they weren't aware that there is plenty of plus size fashion around, to continue their lifestyle.

With that knowledge, they don't have to sweat it!



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