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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The New York Times: Statue of Liberty Interior Will Close for a Year

I for one wouldn't want to be in Lady Liberty's shoes; just imagine standing there and having to keep that torch up day in day out, come rain or shine without so much as flinching while people are constantly crawling through your intestines and digestive system like a bunch of bugs.

If that happened to us, we wouldn't feel so spiffy either and have a doctor check us out, prescribe some medicine and take it easy until we would be up to snuff again. She is not in such a privileged position and has to hold her own.

You got to admire her determination and dedicated doing her job. She can't just quit and throw all she stands for by the wayside. It is long overdue though that someone checked her plumbing, so to speak. It is quite obvious she hasn't been feeling too well for a while now.

She already turned green a long time ago!



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