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Friday, August 19, 2011

More Scoops Of The Day

Wow, the media is buzzing today with lots of news that would make your head swim and can get you all frustrated and aggravated, if you let it.

ABC: Kardashian Wedding Countdown.
I am sure they will have a blast.

ABC: Kim Kardashian's Road to 'I Do'.
She ain't there yet until she says 'I do'. Cold feet can be a killer!

CBS: Burger King's "king" getting the ax: report.
I suppose, in light of the healthier approach, he will use that axe to cut the burgers in half.

CBS: U.S. to let illegal immigrants seek work permit.
Yeah, I bet they hid them so well no one will find them.

CNN: Guy tries to stop truck ... with his feet.
Flintstones meet the Flintstone and have an ouchy-ouchy time!

CNN: How to dig up the best sources.
You have to know the source first before you can dig it up.

CNN: Opinion: It's cowards that finish last.
I disagree. A coward never finishes, because he is too afraid to start.

Fox News: Restaurant Requires Contract to Eat.
We better read the fine print before you get served.

MSNBC: As economy hits the skids, world leaders go fishing.
I was under the impression we told several of them already a while back to go fish.

Have a great day!



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