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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MSNBC: Grow your family tree on your phone

That sounds pretty interesting, but I have a hunch that eventually you might be barking up the wrong tree and regret it. It may not be so difficult for the tree to root at first, but the bigger it grows, the more space it will need.

You will be up a tree when you finally come to the conclusion that you can't see the forest for the trees anymore, or in this case: when you can't see your phone due to the tree. This will lead to all kinds of problems and trying to dig it up may lead to damaging the roots and could kill the entire family.

In order to MSNBC: Avert a social media disaster, it is best to use the phone for what it was intentionally created for and grow your family tree the old fashioned way: in good, well watered and well fertilized soil.

Phones don't grow on trees, so trees shouldn't grow on phones either!



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