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Monday, November 7, 2011

Fox News: Parents Warned Not to Buy Mail Order Chickenpox

I don't get it; we are so adamant about teaching our children not to talk to, go with, or take candy from strangers. We warn them profusely to not eat the unwrapped candy they gathered up at Halloween and tell them to stay away from friends and classmates who have a cold and to make sure they wash their hands.

We tell them not to double dip and not to use tableware which someone else previously ate from; it is unhygienic and could spread germs, bacteria and viruses. However, it would be perfectly okay to serve them lollipops which a child with chickenpox licked and would beyond a shadow of a doubt make them sick?

I can totally understand if parents are against vaccinations for whatever the reason may be, but this goes entirely against the grain and, as it so turns out, against the law as well. It isn't even necessary; all they have to do is waiting and let nature run it course.

Nope, ordering chickenpox flavored lollipops isn't worth a lick!



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