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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

CBS: Cops: Man stole Greyhound bus for Christmas visit

I don't think anyone can blame the man for wanting to be warm and comfy, especially during Christmas, but that doesn't justify the fact that he simply took off with it. I suppose having a commercial driver's license and the knowledge of how to operate the vehicle made him a little too overconfident.

This time it was a bus, but who knows what would have happened had he been in a marina. He could have decided to temporarily 'loan' a boat and head out on the water without any experience. For the same token however, he may have a license as a Charter Boat Captain too. You just never know.

I honestly don't think the latter is the case, because he would not be in need of finding either transportation, or a warm place. As a Charter Boat Captain he would have an excellent income and more then adequate funds to his disposal to visit his relatives and travel comfortably.

It may not be a bad idea for all of those of you who cruise the waters for their leisure and pleasure to look into upgrading to a Charter Boat Captain; you could turn your hobby into a well paid job.

It never hurts to test the waters!



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