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Friday, December 16, 2011

Yahoo!: The safest vehicles on the road

It is my humble opinion that you can never make a vehicle safe enough and no matter how much safety it provides, an accident is waiting to happen.

It can not be avoided; with so much transportation on the roads, you have to keep in mind that those vehicles are operated by people and people make mistakes. It only takes one split second of averting your eyes and you may hit more then just the road.

It doesn't even have to be due to your absence of concentration or driving skills. Some persons just seem to lack the confidence of controlling a car, or are under the impression that they own the road and everyone else has to comply and put up with their actions.

The latter seems to happen more often than not and it sometimes prompts the question whether they actually took the test to obtain their driver's license, or got it by redeeming points. Either way, they entice a lot of aggravation and frustration among the rest of us.

Where emotions run high, the situation grows progressively worse and making it home safe turns out to be more by accident than by design. There are times when a sunroof would come in handy for holding up a sign pointing out that today is just an ordinary weekday.

No, we don't have road rage. There are just way too many Sunday drivers on the road during the week!



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