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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fox News: British Principal Turns Off Heat to Classrooms Amid Near Freezing Temperatures

Although the goal was noble, it certainly wasn't one of the brightest ideas. My guess is that he didn't know that turning down the thermostat by just a couple of degrees would have done a lot more good then turning it down completely.

Once up and running again, the heater would have to work much longer and harder and that would substantially increase the size of the carbon footprint he so determinedly is trying to shrink.

I also think it defeats the purpose of keeping the students awake. The body uses its energy trying to stay warm and I wouldn't be surprised, when after several bone chilling hours and finally warmed up again, more students need a nap to replenish their lost energy.

How does the principal expect students to learn anything when they can't even hold a pen and jot down notes due to half frozen fingers? Where does he suspects their attention goes when they are shivering all over?

He wouldn't have to turn on the heater at all if he simply gave them the day off. That would probably have been much better then giving them the cold shoulder!



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