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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CBS: Reported $1M in cash left in suitcase in eatery

I can imagine the employees of this eatery have a lot to be thankful for this coming Thanksgiving Day, because you don't get a tip like that very often. I actually think it is a chance of one in a million, if not even more, that this might occur.

Either way, the customer apparently enjoyed the meal and the service enough to leave a nice surprise. I suspect they are looking forward to seeing him again soon, but that is probably also a chance of one in a million, if not even more.

Someone else however was not so fortunate YAHOO!: Fisherman forced to give up 881-lb. catch. He probably already had the dollar signs in his eye when it was snatched out from under him, literally that is.

My guess is that it is the feds who have a lot to be thankful for this time, although I would also suspect they would have bigger fish to fry then to rob this fisherman from his catch.

As for tomorrow, here are some Fox News: Thanksgiving Turkey Tips;
don't drop the frozen turkey in the hot oil and if you managed to lay your hands on a huge turkey then don't call the feds!



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