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Friday, November 11, 2011

CNN: 11/11/11: 'Ones' in a lifetime

Today is supposed to be that 'special' date, simply because it has nothing but the same numbers in it. I suppose you can call that unique and it sure is easy to remember. Maybe that is why so many couples planned to get married today and why parents-to-be scheduled their unborn babies birthdays.

I don't think anyone considered the fact that with so many weddings and births on the same day, there is nothing special about it. Just imagine you intend having an anniversary party, but so are many others and you would have to make reservations at the place of your choice already years in advance.

How about the poor kid who is looking forward to its birthday and has to share it with at least half of its classmates? And that is just one part of the disappointment; there will be hardly anyone attending its party, because half of their friends are having their own and the other half doesn't know which party to go to.

So, Yahoo!: What makes 11/11/11 so special? I would say because it creates a lot of chaos, frustration, aggravation, disappointment and maybe several fights in the future. Otherwise, there is nothing special about it. It is as special and unique as every other day and/or date.

Those too come around only once in a lifetime!



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