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Monday, November 14, 2011

YAHOO!: Smart ways to spend a dollar

The smartest way would be not to spend it at all, but to put it in savings for a rainy day. Well, forget the rainy day, because we have too many of those and that still would leave us with nothing to fall back on.

Maybe we can save it up for when things get really tight, but that is no fun. My suggestion would be to set a goal and build from there. Start out with something that is feasible, like making sure you have enough money for renting a movie.

Once you have achieved that goal don't rent the movie, but keep on saving until you can go the movie theatre instead. After accomplishing that task, expand it to a movie and a dinner and just take it a little step further every time.

Eventually you will end up with enjoying a good meal, going to see a movie while driving your new car in your designer outfit with the knowledge you will return to a paid off abode.

Yeah, we are long ways from the finish, but a dollar is a good start. We ought to be able to reach our first goal by the end of the month.

A bag of popcorn!



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