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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

MSNBC: Perry to unveil plan to 'uproot' government

I guess all we can say to that is: "Oops".

ABC: Oops! Katy Perry's Flute Faux Pas
This makes me wonder about the truth in the expression: what's in a name?

ABC: Obama Confident of Health Care Fate
When did his faith turn into fate? I guess he finally acknowledged the writing on the wall.

CBS: Palace rooms to rent, for $47K, during Olympics
It seems like there is a new category of sports added to the Olympics: who makes the most profit without lifting a finger? Okay, okay, the queen may have given this idea two thumbs up.

CNN: 1 in 5 Americans have hearing loss
What? No, I didn't find the earring you lost.

CNN: 35 movies we can't wait to see
Patience is a virtue and I can't wait to have it!

Fox News: Brad Pitt: I Plan to Retire From Acting in Three Years
Yeah, I know how that goes. I planned on having a million dollars a few years ago. I am in the process of going for my third million; the first two attempts failed miserably.

Fox News: Thief Caught Trying to Sell Stolen Purse Back to Victim
It wouldn't come as a huge shock if the thief's last name was Perry too.

MSNBC: Fine print might ground your 4G cell phone service
Not everything that sounds great is great. We better ensure to go over the fine print with a fine-tooth comb before it shuts us down. At least now we know what the 4G stands for: a for grounded cell phone service!



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