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Monday, November 28, 2011

Laid off

Thanks to Olga Quinn

When I was laid off a year ago, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I went from having a great job that I thought I enjoyed to panicking over what I was going to do to pay my mortgage. Eventually I worked out the financial aspect, but I ended up learning that I didn’t love my job as much as I thought I did. I did some very real soul-searching and figured out that I didn’t want to go back to work for some huge corporation. I wanted to open up the boutique that I had secretly wanted to run my entire life. And so I did. I’m so proud of myself. I love going to work every day, and am happier than I’ve ever been in my life. Unfortunately, striking out on one’s own does have its share of challenges. There’s less money coming in, and I’ve had to cut costs pretty significantly. I know it’s all worth it, but it’s a little tough at times to make ends meet. One of the easiest and most beneficial things I’ve done to save money is call TEXAS electricity providers. They were able to find me a much cheaper natural gas provider and I’ve already seen a great cost savings.



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