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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Yahoo!: Mysterious object crashes through roof

I came across a few headlines which prodded some thoughts and the first one my brain spit out, when reading the one that titles this post, was that things often come out of the blue.

That expression can pertain to both good and bad things, but I can assure you that in this case you would rather want to dodge the bullet or the object, as it turns out to be. You sure wouldn't want this mysterious object to fall into your lap.

Another headline which caught my eye was CNN: Men best women in scramble for jobs and it made me wonder what exactly was meant by that. I suspect they are doing a better job then women, being in touch with their feminine side.

And then there was the following, mind boggling, thought-provoking Fox News: The 190 MPG Aptera Electric Car That Never Was. If it never was, then how do they know it went 190 MPG? Maybe it did in their dreams, but that doesn't mean anything.

That is like the million dollars we always dream of winning which turn out being nothing else but another pie in the sky. Either way, that dream went where most dreams go.

Out of the window!



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