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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ABC: Hitchhiking Bear Visits Vancouver

I can't help it, but I find this rather hilarious and very ingenious as far as the bear's thinking is concerned.

The hilarious part is imagining the faces of the garbage men when they, after doing their job gathering up the trash, come to the discovery that a black bear hitched a ride without them being aware of it. I can also picture some jawbones dropping to the curb when this occurrence crosses is front of the citizen's eyes.

It is ingenious where the bear is concerned, because it probably figured out that putting up its paw along the side of the road was not going to yield positive results any time soon. Climbing on the truck without being seen certainly would. Plus, that would also immediately put it at the right spot for scraping together a good meal.

They may consider hiring the bear. It would make a great garbage man by decreasing the amount of trash without any problem; it would devour a lot of it. It has potential and I can only admire its attitude.

I give it two thumbs up!



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