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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

MSNBC: What matters most in 2012?

That is quickly answered. It is the same thing that always mattered most and that is taking the time to think before the words come rolling out of your mouth and do a lot of damage.

I am aware of the fact that keeping your mouth shut is easier said then done, but it can save you from experiencing many embarrassing moments and could also make your dollar stretch. You don't have to purchase a gift as an apology for those unconsidered and usually hurtful words.

Alas, we all are human and making mistakes is common. The best way to do damage control and ask for forgiveness is by seeing to flower deliveries to the address of the person who fell victim to your sarcasm, cynical remarks, or tirade.

This of course is just one event and/or example where a gorgeous bunch of flowers is appropriate and expresses the feelings of the sender. Actually, there doesn't even have to be a specific reason for sending a bouquet; it can just be a spontaneous action to pleasantly surprise someone.

Actions speak louder then words and if you want to say something; say it with flowers. There are some great tips pertaining to enjoying a bouquet for a long time and it would be thoughtful to point those out to the receiver.

You would come out smelling like a rose!



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