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Thursday, March 15, 2012

ABC: Cell Radiation Tied to Behavior Problems?

My eyebrows rose to the roof when I read this headline and noticed the question mark behind it.

Even though the article is talking about all the future negative effects the radiation could possibly have on an unborn, there is no doubt it already has taken its toll on the grown-ups who were not exposed to it, prior to purchasing their cell phone.

I certainly have noticed plenty of behavior problems where cell phone users are concerned; the roads have become ten times more dangerous due to cell phone users trying to control their vehicle with one hand, since the other one is glued to their ear with the phone in the middle. That doesn't always go over well.

The focus is more on the conversation or the text message they are trying to send which can cause unexpected, sudden maneuvres. Unawareness of what is going on around them is not uncommon either, no matter the situation or location.

The biggest issue I have though is that their social skills have dwindled to an absolute minimum and the only way to have some form of communication with them is through a text message. Thanks, but no thanks. How did that expression go again?

Oh yeah... silence is golden!



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