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Saturday, March 10, 2012

ABC: $50 Light Bulb Wins Affordability Prize

I can't by the life of me understand how such an expensive light bulb wins a prize like that. Go through your home, count all the light bulbs you would have to replace, and you will quickly figure out that it certainly is not affordable to replace them with those that come with such a high price tag.

Let's shed some light on this; it is said that the benefit of this new light bulb is that it lives 30 times longer then the regular ones, but when you multiply the costs of the 'old-fashioned' ones times thirty and compare that to the purchase of one of the prize-winning bulbs, you are still a lot cheaper off.

Energy-wise they may yield some savings on your electricity bill in the long run, but I wonder if $50 a pop would be enough to justify the huge dent in your budget. After a quick assessment of the amount of bulbs we would have to replace, I came to the respectable number of at least 30.

That brings to light that it would equate to $1500 if we would replace them all. That is a substantial amount of money. No wonder I am feeling a little light-headed!



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