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Monday, February 27, 2012

Data analytics

This guest post from Doris Dillon

We were looking to get t1.xo, which XO provides for a pretty good price and with some pretty good applications and all. Our office really needs some pretty good Internet that can move big chunks of data since we do that so often. We work with clients and analyze data for them, so we end up looking though a good bit of data on the day-to-day. It takes some time to look through it, but also to gain access to it sometimes. To do our jobs well, we have to be able to quickly access data so we can get back to the customer more quickly and definitely do it in a safe way. We do not want to let any important data get out to the wrong people and we also do not want connection that is constantly dropped or hard to re-connect on. The biggest thing the co-founder of our business keeps talking about is the amount of multi-tasking he has been doing and that our server now cannot really keep up with it all.



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