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Monday, February 20, 2012

MSNBC: Limping penguin finds his footing

I am kind of getting sick and weary of all the politics and decided to skip any and all headlines pertaining to the jousting for power today. The politicians can do without my opinions and jokes and have proven to be quite capable of, and are, doing a good job on their own.

After eliminating all the national and international power struggles, I came to the conclusion that there is not much good and uplifting news left. This headline however caught my attention which could well have been due to the fact that I gave up my foothold at present.

Anyway, it was heartwarming knowing that at least this penguin found some stability and didn't have to stagger its way through life anymore. I have no doubt there are quite a few people who envy this little critter and wished they had something similar to look forward to.

I also couldn't help but wonder if this category of health care will soon be faced with changes as well, and the question as to who would be liable for the bill kept circling around in my head. I am not going to worry about it.

Eventually, we will all land on our feet. This penguin did and I sincerely doubt it wasn't worried about it in the least. Maybe that is the ticket.

Don't worry, be happy!



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