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Friday, February 3, 2012

CNN: Clown dangles 500 feet from helicopter

You talk about making an entrance. There is no doubt he captured the attention of the public, but I am not so sure whether that was because his act was funny, or simply due to endangering his life with this performance.

If it was for the kick of flying through the sky like a bird then he would probably have done well sticking to the old, but equally thrilling routine of functioning as a human canon ball.

Hanging under a helicopter so high above the ground is not something to clown around with; that is some serious business and the advice 'don't try this at home' should not only be seriously taken into consideration, but to heart as well.

We are always in for some good entertainment and we sure don't mind the expectation of the clowns being sent in. I don't know what possessed this clown to pull a stunt like that, since it is an entire different ball game when he decides to appear out of the blue and drop in whenever he pleases.

Especially when it is taken literally!



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