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Monday, January 23, 2012

CBS: 60 Minutes Presents: Into the Wild

When you come to think about it, there was no actual need for this TV show to undertake all those travels, study all these exotic animals and their behavior, and spend that kind of money, simply to bring all their discoveries to the attention of the viewers.

They could have sufficed by recommending to the public to take a good look out of their windows and make their own discovery. Why? Well, take a closer look and you will see for yourself how the world has gone wild. If that isn't enough evidence then pay attention to the headlines.

Even politicians will give you examples of ancestral behavior. What other explanation could there be found for MSNBC: Get ready for Romney to morph into an attack dog? There are times when all those billions of years of evolution and civilization are erased in a split second.

No, I am not name-calling anyone; I am merely concluding that when it comes to feelings, animals and people are very much alike in their actions. Don't believe me? Take a look outside your window and take the time to observe mankind in its 'natural' habitat.

It's a jungle out there!



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