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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CNN: Politicians say what?!

Oh please, don't get me started about what all they say. Most of the times, they simply spout the words they think we all want to hear and whatever comes out of their mouths is commonly very conveniently forgotten by the time they got what they were after.

I sometimes get the impression that a lot of politicians don't even know what they are saying and neither do we. When falling under the first category then you often can get away with a simple 'oops' or deny you ever said it, but if you fall under the last category then you will find out the hard way and usually after the fact.

Another thing I find incredible is seeing how they are able to dodge the bullet, or rather the question in this case, and divert in such ways that no one even remembers what was asked in the first place.

Throughout the ages, many politicians have uttered words which were either politically incorrect or hilarious and at times even outright stupid. Sometimes it is better to simply keep quiet and, instead of being silver-tongued, go for the even more precious metal.

Yes, silence is golden!



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