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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Yahoo!: Are You Saving Too Much for Retirement?

While sifting through all the headlines this morning, I came across a couple of eye-brow raisers and a few which provoked some sarcastic and/or cynical thoughts. Instead of letting them fester, it is better to let them out and get them of my chest.

Take the one used as the title of this post for instance; of course we are saving way too much for retirement. The way things are headed, we may never taste the pleasure and luxury of being a retiree. Hence, every penny saved is one too many.

Fox News: Ga. Woman Flushes $4K Bracelet Down Toilet.
She either didn't like it, but was afraid to say so, or it truly was an accident. In case of the latter; yup, fecal matter happens and I hope they have a septic tank and can recover it.

Yahoo!: Rare penny from 1793 sells for $1 million in auction.
You better check your penny twice before you spend it on someone's thoughts!

Yahoo!: Rare Asian duck draws bird watchers to California.
They need to keep a close watch on that duck and don't let it out of their sight; Peking duck makes a great and tasty dish, you know!

CNN: 'Occupy' is word of the year.
It sure seems to be that way and I have to admit I am part of it too; I just occupied your time, didn't I?!



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