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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yahoo!: How to save money in 15 minutes or less

This post brought to you by MatchBook. All opinions are 100% mine.

I wouldn't be surprised if saving money is number one on the list of most households these days. Trying to make your dollar stretch, making budget cuts, and finding ways to save as much as possible has almost become a necessity in order to make ends meet.

Students in specific and their families as well, may find themselves in dire straits; attending college is quite expensive and having to pay several hundred dollars for a textbook is nothing to sneeze at. Well, they could save a bundle right there in less then 15 minutes by going to MatchBooks, finding their matching textbooks and reading them for free!

How is that possible? It is rather simple; take a high-quality open textbook and match it by following the exact same chapter order, covering the same topics per chapter, including the same key terms of the assigned textbook and publish it under a Creative Commons open license. The last opens up the opportunity for students to read these matched textbooks online for free.

This is an ingenious concept which will save students a lot of money. There is no catch and no expiration date and it will give them all the information they need for their introductory college courses, just like their assigned textbook would, only without having to pay a dime.

A great example is MatchBook for Myers Psych. Students who are taking General/Intro Psychology this spring semester and normally would have to spend an arm and a leg on the assigned book “Psychology” Myers 9th edition, can now read MatchBook for Myers Psych online for free and acquiring the same knowledge.

Using Myer’s PsychologyTextbook? | READ FREE!

You ought to check out the Matchurbook.com site and don't neglect to visit and like Flat World Knowledge on Facebook. Maybe you are interested in using MatchBook, or you know someone who would be. Please, be so kind and share why you would use it or whom you would recommend it to by leaving a comment on this post. Thanks!

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