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Monday, January 16, 2012

ABC: Man Receives $44M Hospital Bill

It astonished me to read that this man didn't suffer any permanent damage and although he 'almost' had an asthma attack, he was fine after the initial shock. I can imagine others who received a bill from the same hospital weren't so lucky.

Some may have gotten so sick to their stomachs that they were in serious need of treatment, but those would probably have to wait a long time in the ER until the ones who came down with a heart attack had received the proper care and were stabilized.

According to the hospital, it was nothing but a billing error and the bills could be ignored. That is nice to know, especially after having been rushed to that same hospital, receiving more medical care and knowing you got another bill coming. I hope they are prepared for that one.

It kind of makes you wonder if this was not some kind of a stunt to fill the empty hospital beds. If so, they may have succeeded, but at what expense? I don't think that is the case, but if it was then they better be prepared.

They could receive a $44M law suit!



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