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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yahoo!: Tricked-out man caves inspire envy

I don't quite get. Sure, I can understand that men like to have their own space where they can retreat to and spend some time among the like-minded, but once they have it, they abandon it by going to a friend's dwellings because it has got all they ever wanted.

Why not trick it out with all the needs and requirements in the first place? It is not difficult to do either; by applying some fancy mosaic tile which comes in any desirable color, the space is quickly transformed into a modern, inviting room.

These tiles can be used on counter tops, table tops, walls and even floors and since there is no need worrying about spilling stuff, because these glass tiles are easy to clean, it only enhances the feeling of comfort and well being.

When stepping into your man cave is stepping out of your comfort-zone, you need to consider redecorating. You don't have to be very handy to trick out your man cave with this material and the price of a glass mosaic tile is well within budget.

The smooth, sleek look of the glass tile will definitely prod envy among your friends and you certainly don't have to go out anymore to go back to your roots; your cave is your castle!



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