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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scoops Of The Day

This is one of those days where there are too many comments rolling around in my head while scouring through the headlines, so I might as well let them out.

Take these for example:
Fox News: Woman fights to run for office despite lack of English.
I don't understand why they make such a big deal out of it. One would suspect that her lack of English is just as good as the lack of presenting a birth certificate.

Fox News: Kansas law would make 'Toto' breed state dog.
That is admirable, but it makes me wonder what is next; a scare-crow for governor, a lion in a leading military position and a tin-man overseeing healthcare?

Fox News: Cops enforce sleeping ban for Occupy protesters.
No shut-eye for these protesters and I am inclined to say that is rightfully so; you just don't and can't sleep on the job!

Yahoo!: Growing python population wiping out Everglades mammals.
You really have to be careful and watch your step these days and not just in the Everglades; there are too many snakes in the grass!

Yahoo!: Easy dinners for every night this week.
There is a great solution for taking care of this daily, reoccurring 'what-to-eat-today' problem and it doesn't only apply to this week, but every week of the year; invite yourself over for dinner at a friend's house. It is quick, simple, easy, and cheap!

Have a good one!



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