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Monday, February 13, 2012

Fox News: State bills push schools to hold back third-graders

The only ones who will reap the benefits of that at the moment are the students who don't have to learn that much, but in the long run it will do more harm then good and I can totally imagine how none of this will go over well with both parents and teachers.

There is an option for the parents though to take the bull by the horns and home-school their kids. All the needed documentation for educating both themselves and their kids and staying up to date are readily available at Edu Brary.

Some of the teachers may decide this is not what they signed up for and could choose a different field of employment. No matter which route they like to go, EduBrary will greatly assist their efforts to obtain the knowledge necessary to achieve their goal.

It almost seems like the State bills are trying to keep us ignorant, but they can't hold us back, no matter how hard they push. How much education we get is up to us and it is nice to know that we can find all we need at The Educational Digital Materials Library.

The State bills overlooked one thing: we have wised up and are fully aware of the fact that knowledge is power!



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