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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ABC: Bumpy Ride Ahead: Gas May Soon Hit $4/Gallon

I can't help it, but I wished there was a bumpy ride to look forward to. The best thing to do is get in shape and build up stamina, because a lot of walking will be on the agenda.

I don't see that bumpy ride happening. On the contrary; with these gas prices there is not going to be a ride at all.

ABC: What if Obama's Budget Were Your Family's?
Then we would be slap-broke, bankrupt and homeless. The sad part of it all is the following remark of our leader: "You know, the budget that we’re releasing today is a reflection of shared responsibility".

Are you kidding me? We suddenly share in the responsibility of this budget, but where was our responsibility when it came to the expenditures? Sorry, but I don't buy it!

CNN: Dem claims payroll tax 'breakthrough'.
Don't be surprised if this breakthrough turns out to be something totally different then what we anticipate. We may be in for a very unpleasant surprise; the payroll was taxed too much, broke, and now no more money is coming through to your bank account.

I better dig up that ten dollar bill I buried in the back yard. I have a hunch we are going to need it. It's not rooting anyway!



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