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Thursday, March 1, 2012

CNN: How a billionaire fills tank for $1 a gallon

This billionaire is not making a secret out of it either. He is more then willing to spill the beans on how to fill up our tank so cheap, so we too can share in his good fortune. Unfortunately, we can only reap the benefits when our car runs on natural gas.

Oh dear, that is where many of the problems lie. Most cars only perform well when filled up with the almost $4 a gallon oil-based fuel; the gas for the mass. Since we can't and won't do without it, it is easy enough to increase the price. We will pay for it anyway, whether we like it, or not.

The government could do something about it, but suppose they would demand that all cars are manufactured being able to run on natural gas, then I don't see that $1 a gallon within our reach for very long. The Department of Treasure would be missing its revenue and we would soon be faced with higher gas prices.

No matter how you slice it; it is a no-win situation. Doesn't that leave you fuming?!



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