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Monday, March 5, 2012

Fox News: Terrible kitchens can make for great meals

Even though they incorporated the word 'can' in this headline, a great meal still has got nothing to do with an efficiently set up and trendy, or terribly laid-out and outdated kitchen.

Even when a kitchen is being outfitted with state of the art appliances then that does not automatically result in a gourmet meal being brought to the table. The only thing you can expect is that it may be served quicker.

I can imagine that one enjoys spending more time in a kitchen when it is artfully designed and everything is within reach and energy efficient. However, if the person who does the cooking has no feel for mixing and matching all those herbs, spices, vegetables, etc., then what's the point?

Living in a castle doesn't make you royalty. Being able to fill up a bathtub with saved pennies doesn't make you a millionaire. Putting on an apron in a designer kitchen doesn't make you a cook. No, it certainly is not the kitchen that makes great meals.

It is the cook's ability and know-how to come up with a tasty concoction that is on the chopping block!



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