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Friday, March 9, 2012

Fox News: How to get your significant other to help clean

I don't think many people are a big fan of cleaning and I am no exception. Instead of trying to get my significant other to help out, I would be much more interested in my better half suggesting enjoying the beautiful weather and making a clean break for it.

There is nothing more pleasurable then grabbing one of those handy picnic baskets, stuffing it with all kinds of goodies, and heading out. Nature offers many beautiful spots to bask in its tranquility and it is even more relaxing when you know you got all you need right there with you.

Whether you plan to make an entire day out of it, or intend spending just a couple of hours outdoors, there are plenty of options where picnic baskets are concerned. Even if you want to enjoy some cheese and a nice glass of wine; a wine bag is among the possibilities.

I am all for taking a break and 'let's have a picnic' sounds much more appealing to me then 'let's clean'. The latter doesn't walk away and can be done at any time. The first however depends on the weather and you never know what tomorrow brings. In other words; seize the day!



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