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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How Medical Alert Systems Help The Elderly During an Emergency

Today, the advancement of technology lets us monitor and protect our elderly parents while they are at their own house. This is possible with the use of medical alert systems that are available in the market today. These systems have the capability of getting help for your beloved in times of medical emergencies or any other forms of emergencies.

This system works the same way as other alert systems work. It is a form of security system with emphasis on medical features. If you are familiar with how a home security system works, then you will understand the basic concept of this system. You will need a company to supply you with the necessary devices that are needed in the installation of the system. The security company will then install the system in the house where your elderly lives. Unlike the normal alarm system, this system will have an emergency button that your elderly can access anytime. Hence, this system can be activated using a one-push button. The button is usually placed in a necklace pendant or a wristband that the elderly needs to wear while at home.

This one push button feature is very useful when a medical emergency happens. There are instances when the elderly fall and cannot reach the phone. In this situation, the elderly can still call for help even when he is on the ground. When he presses the button, the monitoring team will despatch the paramedic team right away. In situations where the elderly can talk, the monitoring team can communicate to the elderly to verify what is going on, but paramedics will still be on their way.

While the elderly is in a medical emergency, the contact person of the senior will also be notified about the situation. Hence, you will be aware of what is going on with your folks. You are assured that even though you are at work, your beloved parents can get the right attention and medical support when an emergency happens.

Moreover, medical alert systems give peace of mind to you and your elderly. This is because you know that they can get the help that they will need in case a medical or non-medical emergency happens. These systems are also connected to your local fire department and police station. Hence, when fire breaks out, or a burglar comes, the proper authority will be there to secure your love ones.



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