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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY-ing a cute kitchen apron

Guest post written by Bonnie Samm

For years now I've been having my friends ranting and raving about how much DIY-ing their doing at home and about how they love it. I get it. It's fun to make cute things and save some money on it too. But I hadn't quite gotten into it like they did.

That all changed a few weeks ago with I was dead set on making an apron for myself. I looked up some directions and when I was thinking about the sewing I came across the website Debt counseling. I browsed through it some and after that I decided to finally get some debt counseling because at this point my debt is not going away on its own.

I found the best little pattern for a DIY apron that I thought it would be worth pulling out my old sewing machine to make. I never liked to sew, but I think it will be worth trying for something like this. Plus, I am pretty good at sewing even if I really hate doing it. Why buy something you can sew?



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