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Saturday, March 24, 2012

ABC: Flowers Prompt $13,000 Condo Lawsuit

There is no rose without a thorn and when this lady got up fresh as a daisy that particular morning, she could not have anticipated that the curb appeal she was going to give her condo would end up in a living nightmare.

I honestly don't get it; it is her property, she didn't plant anything illegal, and flowers sure are no eye-sore. If anything, a few flowers in the yard make it look so much more appealing and cared for. So..., what's the big deal?

My suspicion is that someone on the board of this home-owners association is either allergic to flowers, or simply can't stand the fact that someone else has a green thumb and he/she doesn't.

It could well be that this is their way of generating some extra money and expanding their budget, in which case a stick to beat someone with is quickly found. I wonder where they got that stick; it sure couldn't be from one of the yards, since they allow hardly anything to be grown in there.

Whatever the gripe with the flowers or this home owner is, I would suggest they lighten up and drop the issue.

Everyone needs some time to stop and smell the roses!



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