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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MSNBC: Former Mr. Universe turns 100 in India

It is absolutely amazing how people can reach such a respectable age these days compared to just a few decades ago when turning 70 was already quite an achievement. A lot of it has to do with the never ending search and results of finding cures and medications, but I suspect our lifestyle has got as much to do with it as anything.

There was no rest and relaxation for the weary several thousands of years ago. The days were filled with the search for food and fighting off dangers which took their toll on the body. Hence, turning 40 would be considered a major accomplishment, but even then there was no time for a celebration.

Even though it may not always seem that way, we are living a life of luxury. The times we had to leave our cave and hunt for food are long gone, unless you consider taking a trip to the store and hunting for bargains a physically taxing chore, but there are times when we have more spare time on our hands then we know what to do with.

Mr. 'Pocket Hercules' says he reached this age by sticking to a healthy diet and reducing and avoiding stress as much as possible. I can certainly see how the latter can rob you of some extra years which you could have enjoyed on this earth. Focusing on the good things in life is always better and celebrations are among the options.

It is already fun sending out party invitations and looking forward to being the center of attention and spending some pleasurable times with family and friends. Since this Mr. Universe always wanted to, but never got to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger, he should have sent him an invitation to attend his Birthday party.

With so much common ground, they would probably have hit it off. Yeah, he should have struck the iron while it was hot, instead of pumping it!



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