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Thursday, March 29, 2012

CBS: Spike Lee apologizes for wrong address retweet

There you are; minding your own business, tending to your family, work, and home. You have a vague notion of what all is going on in the world and what keeps the media busy, but since you got your own problems to deal with and attend to, all of that doesn't immediately affect you, since it is 'far from home' so to speak.

The next day you get up and it suddenly turns out that what you believed were the so called world's problems have not only literally been dumped on your doorstep, but you are being held responsible for some of them. Hundreds of people occupy the surroundings of your home, screaming, yelling, and pointing fingers.

The phone starts ringing off the hook with angry callers on the other end of the line whom you don't even know. Threats are filling the air and your safety and security is no where to be found. It gets so bad you have to leave all that is near and dear to you and go out of your ways to find a good hiding place.

At first, you don't have a clue what on earth is happening. You finally discover that someone, who had the means and resources to verify the information, wrongfully retweeted your address to thousands of people, making you responsible for a crime you only heard about in the news. You never thought that could and would happen to you, but it did and your life is in shambles.

How do you think an 'Oops, sorry' would go over?



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