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Monday, June 18, 2012

Yahoo!: Headache? How to tell what kind you have

I am quite certain there is not a soul in this world that has never gone through the agony of a headache. There is nothing pleasant about feeling your heart pound in your head and that pressure behind your eyes which leads to the anticipation they will pop out at any given moment.

Don't even think of bending over, unless you want to find out what a bomb feels like right before it is about to explode. Besides the pain, there is only one other thing on your mind: how to get rid of it.

If that sounds like I know what I am talking about then that is correct; unfortunately, I do and it doesn't matter what causes it, because there are way too many factors I would have to take into consideration to find the culprit.

Stress, a flu, a sinus cold, allergies, screaming kids, work, or problems and worries related to anything, are just a few of the reasons that can already send signals to your brain to engage in mutiny.

Do you really think that on the days when I am not plagued by a pain in my head I want to sit down and wreck my brains over what kind of headache I might be experiencing? Thanks, but no thanks.

I can do without that headache!



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