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Monday, June 11, 2012

Yahoo!: Smart careers for intelligent people

I must not be that intelligent then, because I wouldn't even have been able to figure out what those smart careers were if they hadn't been listed in that same article. What does that tell you? Yup, I chose the wrong profession.

I guess that pretty much indicates that I can throw my motto to 'work smart, not hard' by the wayside. Then again, I don't know; if I can pique your interest and curiosity with catching headlines and capture your attention long enough to read my posts, then I may not be doing so bad after all.

There is one problem though; this 'career' doesn't pay the bills. It may bring home a few slices of bacon, but that is better then nothing and at least I am having fun doing my work. Speaking of which, I rather have one slice of bacon then Yahoo!: Hot dogs that aren't worthy of your grill or Yahoo!: Gulp! Enormous drinks with hidden calories.

Getting paid for sampling food and drinks sounds like a great job, until you finally find out what you just wolfed and gulped down; then it can figuratively and literally make you sick to your stomach. I wouldn't want to take that risk and since I already missed the mark where smart careers for intelligent people are concerned, I better stick to what I do best.

Bringing home the bacon!



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