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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yahoo!: What's for dinner every night this week

How would I know? Even though most of the times I am the cook around here, I am not a creature of habit where meals are concerned and what I may or may not bring to the table is entirely up for grabs. Well, let me take that back; it is up for grabs until around 3:30 pm, when I start thinking about what concoction to brew.

I may stir the pot a little by making inquiries with those who will be attending my culinary presentation, but that may result in a loss of their appetite when I slam their hankering taste buds with a negative response due to a lack of ingredients, being short on time, or both.

It is said that good work needs time, but my experiences are contrary to that expression. Not all meals in which I had put a lot of time and effort turned out to be an invitation to a second helping. I actually would already have been pleased if the first helping had disappeared from the plates.

Eventually it did, so I shouldn't complain. It would have been better though if it had found its way to everyone's stomach instead of the trash can!



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