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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

CNN: My frustrating journey to normalcy

I am under the impression that practically everyone is shooting for normalcy from the day they are born. Anything other than that would fall outside the realm of the common standard and is not quickly and easily accepted, which often results in the 'abnormal' person finding him/her looking in from the outside.

Some may test the boundaries of the ordinary. That can either lead them to the top of society, because this person's actions are seen as daring, brave acts, or it can land that person at the bottom, because their actions are considered foolish and nerdish. Either way, the question remains as to what is normal and who makes up the rules?

Well, normal is doing and living the same as all others do and society determines whether you are or aren't normal. In other words; follow the herd and you are in good shape and if you don't, you are either the leader of the herd or prey for the lions.

There is another option; joining the rare group of those who are comfortably leaning back, sitting at the sidelines, watching the herd race and quietly return home after this entertainment to resume their lives. They appear normal, act normal, but have their own standards and opinions which differ from any other persons.

That is strikingly out of the ordinary. Yup, it is the relaxing journey to weirdness!



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