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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

CNN: Thunder makes a noise.

If you haven't gotten around reading today's news yet; here is a small compilation of the headlines from articles you missed out on, including the opinion of yours truly.

As far as the headline of this post goes that CNN: Thunder makes a noise;
Gosh, I hadn't noticed that yet. I suppose that is because my thunder is constantly being stolen.

CNN: Opinion: How bad bets affect you.
If you want to know then look in your wallet. That ought to be more then enough evidence.

ABC: What Obama Can Learn From Clinton.
I don't even want to go there, but if you must then maybe you define 'learn'!

Fox News: Greece to go to new elections after coalition talks fail.
And round and round and round they go.

MSNBC: Laxative-free colon test may be as effective.
Oh thanks. That's a day late and a dollar short, but maybe I needed a good flush to get rid of it.

MSNBC: Man spends $60,000 in custody fight for dog.
I wonder why? Maybe the dog is better trained then his ex?

Yahoo!: Man drives car through wall into pool.
Getting it into the pool was a piece of cake, but now he has to get it out. He is sunk!

Yahoo!: What to say to get yourself a raise.
That's a tough one and my guess is that it would be better knowing what not to say.

Yahoo!: Scientists work on virus-powered devices.
I wonder if that comes with a clean bill of health?



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