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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yahoo!: Food That Drains Your Brain.

Oh, I know what that is like, because I pretty much encounter that every day. Of course, that is based upon the assumption that I have a brain which I think I do, otherwise I wouldn't be able to sit here and type my head off.

I truly enjoy anything that has a lot of sugar in it and my breakfast used to consist of a bowl of sugar with cereal, instead of the other way around. The sweeter the food and/or snack is pretty much an insurance that I am one of its biggest fans.

That also explained why I used to do most and my best work in the early morning hours; that sugar rush provided me with the needed energy. Well, I say needed, but that turned out to be a misconception; it drained my energy to a point where my brain refused to function and I had to take a nap.

I didn't mind that as much as I hated the fact that all that sweetness added unwanted pounds to my weight, so I cut out most of the sugary stuff. I am not so sure whether that was such a good idea, or not. My guess is that my body grew so accustomed to it, that it can't function without it anymore, because now I am constantly tired and hitting a mental wall.

That sounds plausible, although it may be another justification for consuming more sweetener and getting the chocolaty snacks back into my daily routine. Maybe I should just hold off and get used to it, but that sure doesn't sugar-coat the pill!



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