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Thursday, May 31, 2012

CNN: End of the galaxy as we know it?

I sure hope not, because what else would be gazing at, what would we wish upon, aim for, reach for, thank and bless, when all the stars are gone?

Just the thought is so overwhelming that it results in making me see stars and the idea of staring into space without seeing even the smallest light at the end of the galaxy-tunnel is rather depressing.

Oh wait, it just occurred to me that when it is the end of the galaxy then it is the end of our star as well. When our galaxy disappears, so does our blue planet. Consequently, we don't have to break our pretty little heads over how to best deal with all the above anymore.

That kind of leaves the answer to the question CNN: Cafferty: Would you travel into space? up in the air though. On one hand, why would we when there is nothing left to travel to in our neck of the woods and finding another galaxy may take several lifetimes?

On the other hand, why wouldn't we when we know beforehand that Mother Earth is going to take a hike and gets lost? I sure would recommend hitching your wagon to a star, but that too presents a problem.

The space shuttle program has been terminated!



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