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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MSNBC: Bush Sr. ‘I like a colorful sock’

That kind of knocked me off of my socks since that was the last thing I would have expected. When you think about it however, it makes a lot of sense; it is the element of surprise and someone with the intentions of knocking the socks off of Mr. Bush Sr. will most certainly be faced with the fact that the shoe is on the other foot.

Most people prepare themselves for a grim task at hand and I suspects world leaders are no different. They too may be fretting for days on end over how best to convince the other with overpowering words, reasoning and evidence to get the best deal out of the negotiations.

Finally, the day has arrived when the confrontation will take place and after having gone through all of the necessary protocol and exchanging of all the pleasantries, both parties are ready to sit down and prepared to do battle.

As they sit down, socks are exposed and 'wham'; the rival is completely distracted and thrown of guard by the sight of yellow, red, or other bright colored socks. Words are forgotten, confusion sets in and all the arguments go out of the window. The battle is already half won before it even started.

How is that for stuffing a sock in it?!



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