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Friday, June 15, 2012

ABC: What a Shoe Says About You.

I would rather give that article about what shoes tell you the boot. My shoes have never uttered even so much as one word before and I sincerely doubt they ever will.

CBS: Romney's bus tour: The 4 things you need to know.
1. It is large and comfortable.
2. It will go the distance.
3. It runs on (expensive) gas.
4. When it comes at you at high speed; get out of the way!

CNN: China to send its first woman into space.
And if it was up to a lot of men, many more would follow soon!

CNN: Wallenda to try Niagara wire walk.
Why someone feels the need to put himself in such a tight corner on purpose is beyond me. Oh well, it is sink or swim!

Fox News: Home upkeep a serious matter due to new law.
What a 'fine law it is. Are those fines deductible or are there any grants available for keeping up our home?

Yahoo!: Scenic routes to explore without a car.
Yeah, you had to sell the car in order to keep up the curb appeal of your house or pay the fines.

MSNBC: City by city, your guide to the painfully slow US economic recovery.
The pain wouldn't be so bad and would be bearable if there was even the slightest sign of any recovery.

Yahoo!: Family lives large in 168-square-foot house
That must be a tight fit and I wonder how they receive guests? "Hi, welcome to our home. Squeeze on in!"



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