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Friday, February 7, 2014

ABC: How to Trick Youself Into Getting Rich

Let me assure you that don't work at all. I have been trying to trick myself into becoming a millionaire for years now without success. So, I decided to trick myself into thinking I am rich. That works, until the end of the month when the credit card statements come in.

It is way too easy pulling out the plastic to make a purchase. It is equally as difficult trying to keep up with the balance after having made the purchase. Why should we even bother? After all, that is the credit card company's job.

In the mean time we spend it like we have it. Besides, the motto is to seize the day and not worry about tomorrow. Unfortunately, 'tomorrow' comes back to bite you and sooner than expected. In case you haven't noticed yet; it has got some fangs on it too and those can hurt tremendously.

We don't consider that much of a problem and get that monkey of our backs pretty quick by borrowing the needed money somewhere else. We fill one gap by creating another and go on as if everything is hunky-dory.

All of a sudden; Wham! Doors are slammed in our faces and life as we know it shuts down. That's no biggie either and easily solved, since we still have a mouth and two hands.

Let's grab a pen and a phone!



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