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Monday, December 6, 2010

MSNBC: Best bets: Depp, Jolie team up for 'Tourist'

Not only does this sound like an interesting movie, but it may also be the next new Hollywood couple we are looking at. My guess would be that Roman Grinev Photography might have a nice job shooting photos for posterity of what could possibly be the wedding of the century.

Yeah, I would not be surprised if Brad Pitt is out of the picture and even though Grinev is a Washington DC Wedding Photographer, both Depp and Jolie would want their wedding to be picture-perfect and my recommendation would be engaging the services of the best of the best and have this photographer come over from DC.

I can already paint a picture in my mind of this couple, and what a pretty picture both them and their wedding would make. I am sure every photographer would envy the Washington DC Wedding Photographers for being the chosen ones to capture the precious moments of this memorable day on celluloid.

I know, for now all of this is nothing but speculation, but with all those celebrities you never know what is going to happen. Everything is subject to change from one minute to the next and it couldn't hurt if the Washington DC Wedding Photography would already work themselves in the picture. They may want to send Depp and Jolie a photo of their business.

After all; a picture is worth a thousand words!



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