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Thursday, April 7, 2011

CNN: Obama: 'Sense of urgency' needed on budget

Even though this concerns the 'household' budget of the nation and is on a much larger scale, the concept remains the same: overspending means going in debt and that should already be enough to prod the 'sense of urgency' in an early stage.

It is rather late in the game to do something about it, when bankruptcy is already lurking around the corner. You can shut everything down and try to save up some money, but it will have a negative impact on, and means suffering for everyone else.

I suppose Michelle Obama always took care of the family's finances, otherwise Barack would have known the importance of sticking to the budget. He would be familiar with how to do it and realize the consequences if he didn't.

When I read the following headline MSNBC: Red Tape: Experian glitch torpedoes credit scores, I couldn't help thinking how we wouldn't be far off by assuming the credit score of the U.S. government isn't looking so spiffy either, these days.

With or without glitch!



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